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Soccer World Cup is truly an exciting time of year for the soccer fans. They are full up of optimism and look forward to a great performance by their favorite team. The expectations are sky high for the next world cup as well, but before that let us look into the happenings of the last world cup, and the problems that arose during that time.

An overview of the last soccer world cup

The last soccer world cup was held in 2014 and it was the 20th world cup so far. It was organized by FIFA and took place in Brazil. This was the second time that Brazil hosted this event. A total of 32 teams participated in the event and they played a total of 64 matches. Germany contested against Argentina in the world cup, and Germany won the world cup. This win marked a historical happening and this was the first time that same continent teams were able to win three world cups in a row. There is no doubt about the fact that the last soccer world cup was a well-managed event. Goal-line technology was introduced for avoiding the ghost goals. The goal control system had about 14 cameras, while seven of the cameras were directed to each of the goal. The referees were also quite well prepared for their job. Every referee had a watch that displayed a signal and vibrated upon every goal.

The biggest mistakes and problems of Soccer world cup 2014

Nothing is picture perfect and the soccer world cup of 2014 had its own setbacks and issues. Let us have a look at them.

  • Roy Hodgson was unable to utilize the star Wayne Rooney. There is no denying the fact that Wayne was the main star of the Hodgson’s attacking unit. Wayne Rooney was the key player who was able to bag the final goal against Uruguay.
  • The Dutch stars could not stand the pressure of the event and just crumbled down under the pressure.
  • Biting the other players can be counted as one of the most deplorable events that happened in the last soccer world cup. Uruguay’s Luis Suarez was responsible for these actions and he bit Italy’s player, Giorgio Chiellini. This can be termed as one of the most costly and dispicable acts of the soccer world cup 2014.
  • Thiago Silver challenged the Columbian goalkeeper David Ospina and this resulted in a yellow card by the referee.

Will the same mistakes happen in the next world cup?

The simple answer is that they should not. All the problems that occurred in the last world cup can be rectified with ease. Wayne Rooney should be utilized to his fullest capacity. The probability is that Roy Hodgson will learn from his mistake. Secondly it is within the control of the Dutch stars not to give into the pressure of the world cup. After all it is the test of how much stress threshold you have. Luis Suarez should also calm himself down and show focus on the game rather than other gimmicks.

Predictions of the next world cup

FIFA 2018 banner 2Germany has all it takes to win again. Yes there are chances that Germany will get the victory laurel in the next world cup as well. Soccer has become quite popular in the US so there are chances of seeing better players in the field. Europe will be having the home advantage in 2018 so there are chances that they may make it to the finals. England will be having a completely new side in 2018 and thus the new talent make take them to the semi-finals. The last world cup was a bit of disappointment for the African nations. However, it can be hoped that the next world cup will be different and the African teams would be able to perform in a better way. Russia will be hosting the next world cup so it can be hoped that they would show a better performance due to the home ground advantage.

Thus these next 4 years are much awaited. Everyone is excited if new records will be set in the next soccer world cup. The entire world is looking forward to this event so let us hope that the players do not let down on the expectations of the fans.

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