What I love about Netflix the most

Netflix has taken the television world by storm and revolutionized the way we watch programs and movies. The idea of having to watch a show at a certain time of the week seems terribly old fashioned after getting used to the “on-demand” nature of Netflix.

Netflix on demand

In this article, I give a rundown of the top five reasons why I love Netflix. There are loads of reasons why I love my Netflix service, but for the sake of brevity I will limit it to the top five!

Top 5 Benefits Of The Netflix Service

Biggest selection – Netflix offers the single widest selection of shows than any other streaming service. Yes, there are one or two shows that you can only get through the cable, but it’s probably not worth the extra expense of having cable TV just for those. If you are desperate to keep access to those few cable shows, then get Netflix as well and keep cable. It’s extremely cheap compared to your cable bill anyway.

No commercials – This is a no brainer. Finally, you don’t have to wait through endless commercials to watch the shows you love. In the US, we have become more accustomed to interruptions from commercials than viewers in other countries. In the UK or Europe for example, they would have a fit if an advert were placed during a sports game! But now we are truly spoiled. Because Netflix is a paid service that can be cheaply delivered over the internet, there is no need for them to make extra revenue by selling advertising. Fantastic.


Neflix movies

Most devices – I can watch Netflix on my TV, my games consoles, my phone, my iPad, my eBook reader…the list goes on and on. Netflix is available on more devices than Hulu or Amazon Prime, which really comes in handy sometimes. I can stream shows from every room in the house, and even when I am outside the house with my phone’s internet connection.

Low cost – My Netflix subscription costs me a mere $8.99 a month. How much was your cable TV bill last month? This is by far the cheapest way to view thousands of titles whenever you want them. This doesn’t include my internet connection, of course, but this is something that I would have with or without Netflix anyway. Why pay around $80 a month for cable when you can get a better service on Netflix for less than $10?

Greater flexibility – The last item on my list is flexibility. Netflix likes to release entire seasons all at the same time. So Netflix no commercialinstead of waiting for a week to find out what happens in my favourite series, I can simply watch the next episode straight away. The ease in which we can access information thanks to smart phones and the internet has created an “on-demand” culture. Netflix knows how to cater to this demand, and has worked hard to make flexibility one of its strongest features.

I am not one to jump on the band wagon very easily. In my group of friends, I am always the last one to buy whatever the latest gadget is, whether it’s an MP3 player, a smart phone, etc But since my friends convinced me to get Netflix (and it wasn’t that long ago!), I cannot imagine going back to life without it and watching normal TV.



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