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Moving to Australia to Play Soccer? Get a Great Job with These Tips

If you love soccer so much, why don’t you turn it into a career? If you have the talent, then maybe you can make it in the Land Down Under. The Football Federation Australia (FFA) is the governing body for soccer in Australia. You can check out available jobs in both professional and amateur soccer clubs. Careers and employment opportunities can be found in Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, and other parts of the country.

forkliftYou may also want to have a backup plan, such as getting a forklift license in case things do not work out as you planned. When it comes to getting a forklift licence Brisbane is an ideal place. There are plenty of forklift training organizations in that area that specialize in forklift licensing and training. They offer affordable and comprehensive assessment and training for students who want to obtain a national license.

Anyway, when you have already made up your mind to come to the Land Down Under, see to it that you prepare all the documents and other requirements you need. Before you proceed with your application, you also have to be 50 years old or below. You also have to have a good command of the English language. You should be able to read, write, and speak English fluently.

forklift-licenseIn addition, you need to have post-secondary qualifications. Plus, your skills have to be evaluated by the assessing authorities to see if you are suitable for the job that you are trying to apply for. When you apply, make sure that the skilled occupation you nominate appropriately fits your qualifications and skills. It should also be on the Skilled Occupations List.

If you have already completed your Australian qualification less than half a year or six months before you lodge your visa application, it is alright if you do not meet the requirements for work experience. You are exempted in this case. Nevertheless, prior to your application, see to it that your skills are evaluated by the Australian assessing authorities assigned to check your nominated occupation.

You can choose from the various paths available for applying for immigration or relocation in Australia. You can contact the Department of Immigration and Multicultural and Indigenous Affairs (DIMA) for details with regard to the types of visas and other settlement information. Basically, you can choose from family migration, skilled migration, job sponsored migration, or refugee, humanitarian, and special assistance programs. You will be asked to fill in forms and submit other documents.